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For Women

Free Consultation 

Whenever you wish to write or to have a chat with me about my services, holistic healing arts and workshops or the challenges you are dealing with and need for support please send me a request...I ll answer you as soon as I can...

Phone, Skype & Email Consultations

Phone and mail consultations are available after a first initial consultation by phone, skype or in person. Initial sessions are about 60 minutes in lenght; follow up sessions can be as long as necessary depending on the journey you wish to create with me.

Session fee are based on 40 euro for hour.

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Art Labs & Workshops

I always remember myself with the wish of teaching whatever made me feel happier, or a new knowledge, or a glimpse of light, my deepest desire was about to share and give others the opportunity to tune into these gifts... on my Workshop page you can see my online and on site seminars...

For Kids

Art Labs & Workshops , Consultation for Children

Children sing to my heart with their presence and innate spirit...anything I can create to make them feel good, support in their growing, happy and smiling is an honour for me. From this connection with the holiness of childhood I create my artlbs and opportunities with adults and educators to deepen the wisdom around childhood wellbeing, and holistic education.

One - to- One Path - 

This is a special service to me in which we work together on a healing path tailor made for you...A special opportunity to be more yourself, heal some aspects of your life in wich you wish more armony and light and deepen the communication with your soul and your holy body. Price of the journey is 350 euro and include weekly sessions, prompt and ongoing support for about three months. For more information you can send me an email or call me by skype.

Holistic Holidays and Retreats

A journey into ourselves in contact with beauty, wisdom, inspiration and nature is one of the most beautiful gift we can give ourselves and to the group. On the Holydays page you can see my next opportunities and retreats....

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