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About me

My Story

Tuning in with Nature  is a personal project to tune into & share

 the Beauty and Wisdom of Life all around us and within ourselves.

It s a space to offer my personal & professional journey

and to contribute to create a network of people finding nourishment and learning together with empathy & love

in connection & harmony with Mother Nature and its cycles. Nature is my great teacher.

I works since 2006  in Italy and in Europe with the holistic healing arts with people, kids, animals through individual session and groups...

My journey started in the cooperation and international humanitarian organisations, while following my love for acting and body work, healing, and nature I ve been focusing over the time on the personal development and grow as a channel to more beauty and real change in the world.

My Philosophy

We are made of energy and beings in evolution....walking the stairs of our unfolding destiny and pourpose in this planet. We are nature and we have a lot to discover about ourselves as potential to be and become in harmony and on behalf of nature.

My holistic approach to life is a point of view and a proposal to deepen our connection with ourselves, the beauty and the wonder of life, as well with our challenges, body, mind and emotional pain and disease. long with an holistic education I propose natural and healing arts, energetic medecine  and inner wisdom to live fully and joyful every moments of our life.

All the art featured in the website is my own creation.

My Training
Certification in Energetic Therapy Process

with Vivienne Rauber De-Coppet, 2016-2017

Women Training 

with Jewels Wingfield, 2015

Scuola di Dinamica Emozionale, Uomo-Animale-Uomo

with Dr. Stefano Cattinelli, Impronte con l'Anima, 2012-2015

"Tatiana, thank you so much for the magic of your Healing hands..." Sonia

Bach Flowers

Bach Centre, Level I-II, 2012-2014

“Uno dei tuoi doni divini è di comprendere le persone con fine intelligenza e dolcezza”. Annalisa

Engaging with Art

Museum of Modern Art, NY, 2016

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