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Practise for Self Love: The parallel Breath

Aggiornato il: 21 apr 2020

The parallel breath is a practise created by Fritz Smith creator of the Zero Balancing method, and adapted by Vivienne Rauber-Decoppet to her energetic therapy process...

Sit down or lay down and imagine to inspire from the top of your head and let this breath descend through several parallel channels you can imagine as in the picture below…

Inspire again and guide the breath through your all body, the neck, the shoulders, down until the pelvis…

Repeat this several times following your natural breathing rhytmn…

Now breath from the pelvis and let the breath climb through several different parallel channels through all your body...

Inspire from the feet and guide your breath through the parallel channels and let it come out of the head… and then breath in from your head and guide the breath through all your body and let it come out from your feet…

To deepen your practise, imagine roots at your feet and through them drop energy from the earth and guide that energy through all your body… feel how this nurturing energy feeds your body, your legs, your womb, your belly, your chest, your shoulders, arms, neck, face, head…

At every breath you receive the energy of the Earth and you breath it into your body nurturing yourself…

You can take all the energy you need, we can access to endless resources of energy from Mother Earth and enrich our Being with Her essence…



Zero Balancing, Fritz Smith: http://www.zerobalancing.com/

Vivienne Rauber- Deccopet, http://www.vivienne-rauber.com/

For a guided practise:

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